Drayton Durham taking photos of the 4th of July Parade.

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland Frog thought the Loveland Independence Day Parade was so much fun she got right in the middle of it – and did some photobombing to boot.

Most of these photos were taken from the vantage point of the Loveland Magazine office in the West Loveland Historic District. All of them were taken by David Miller and Drayton Durham. 

Loveland Magazine Publisher David Miller taking photos of the 4th of July Parade.

The West Loveland Historic is on the bank of the State and National Scenic Little Miami River, home of the famous Loveland Frog, the mascot of the City.

The Loveland Tiger did not make an appearance! Word on the street is that she doesn’t go outside when the temperature is above ninety so she was spending the afternoon posing for a likeness that will be painted on an elevated water storage tank. The Frog was grateful for the “Wet Zone” provided by the Loveland/Symmes Fire Department.

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