Connecticut NBC affiliate pulls Megyn Kelly interview with Sandy Hook denier

Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

The pressure is working: An NBC affiliate here in Connecticut just announced they won’t air Megyn Kelly’s interview with Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

[quote_left]We have to keep the pressure up to stop this dangerous interview completely before it airs tomorrow nation-wide.[/quote_left]Demands from supporters like you convinced them to do the right thing – but we have to keep the pressure up to stop this dangerous interview completely before it airs tomorrow nation-wide. Giving Jones this publicity would fuel more harassment of our families by people like him who say our loved ones weren’t murdered or never even lived.

Already, 138,988 supporters have flooded NBC with demands to pull this interview and stop promoting Jones’ hateful lies – but to get other stations to follow suit, we need you to sign our petition immediately.

Please, sign our petition right away: Tell NBC not to air its interview tomorrow between Megyn Kelly and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones.

Our families have already suffered the unbearable pain of having to deal with harassment from Sandy Hook deniers like Jones, on top of having lost our loved ones. The platform of an NBC interview gives him credibility and legitimacy that is dangerous to our families.

We don’t want to keep living in fear – we simply want to honor our loved ones and build a legacy for them. Thank you for all you’ve done to stand by our side.

Sandy Hook Promise


  1. Why not let the public decide 1) whether to tune in to NBC, 2) whether to watch said interview and 3) whether they believe some, all or none of Alex Jones’ assertions made in the interview? I think the public is intelligent enough to see through distorted assertions using reason and logic as filters.


      First, thank you for your comment.

      Yes, we did, through the Memorial Day weekend. It said, “Remembering those who protected Freedom of the Press.” Urging people to sign a petition asking NBC to not air a program that will harm the families in Newtown who lost their babies, is protected speech. Loveland Magazine is exercising, “Freedom of the Press.” NBC, if they chose, could urge LM not to publish something. It is their right under the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and would be protected free speech. News organizations can and must criticize one another when appropriate.

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