by Marcia Neumann


  1. A student presents his project to the class, submits his presentation to his teacher, then realizes he made a mistake on a chart that would negatively affect the point he was trying to make. He manages to correct the chart on his submitted work without his teacher knowing and doesn’t inform the class of his error.
  2. A teacher, trying to make a point to her class, presents data in a lesson plan proving her point. The teacher later realizes the data has a mistake, reducing the impact of her point. She corrects the data in her lesson plan for the record, but never informs the students.


I am sure we can all agree that a better response in both scenarios above, would have been to admit the mistake to the people hearing the presented material, giving them the real data, and then noting the revised data in the presentation and lesson plan. This better response shows integrity, accountability, trust, transparency, maturity.


The Superintendent presents a slide at a district information meeting, trying to prove a point that district enrollment is not declining. The slide is wrong and the correct data, has district enrollment decline almost 50% higher than what was presented. Once this mistake is exposed on social media, the superintendent pulls the slide from the presentation available on the school’s website with no explanation, just noting ‘Questions related to student enrollment numbers are now addressed directly in the Levy FAQ’. Then in that tab, she places the correct data, again not saying this is a corrected chart.

Marcia Neumann lives on Tanglewood Drive

ATTENTION Loveland City School District Residents, this is exactly what was done in our district by our current administration. The 2019 Year End enrollment figure was wrong on her slide showing 50% less decline than actual. Instead of noting the mistake, it was hidden, swept under the rug.

If this is how the current administration handles smaller things, how do they handle bigger, more important matters? 



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