Halloween this year is on Saturday, October 31.

Trick or Treat hours are usually between 6 and 8 PM in Loveland, however, Loveland Clerk of Council Misty Cheshire said this morning that a decision has not yet been made about Halloween this year in the City. She said City Council will probably make a decision at their regular meeting next Tuesday.

Is Halloween tooooo scary this year?

Will you be passing out Treats this year?

Will you be handing out Treats on Halloween?

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Will you allow your children to go Trick or Treating this year?

Will your children go trick or treating?

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For fun watch this LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV Halloween video that searches for the Loveland Frog at the Legendary Loveland Frog Ball…

The Investigation of Centre Alley

The sign caused quite a comotion as residents gathered and traffic was at a standstill for hours when residents came to see it for themselves.