by Emily Hicks

For the past several years, students with special needs at Loveland High School have designed hand-made blank greeting cards to gain valuable work experience. We use the money made from the profit of the sales to  buy supplies for the room, activities, and often celebrations.

Students design, create, package, and sell these handmade cards to the community and staff members of Loveland. This year we were unable to attend our biggest sales event, The Loveland Craft Fair, due to the pandemic. 

The profits from this fair help fund our classrooms and give our students the opportunity to practice social and life skills during outings in our community.  

We are looking for new ways to get our craft and our students’ experiences out there. 

The community will be able to meet some of our talented students and purchase these amazing cards this Spring at the Loveland Farmers Market.  We will have cards available for cash purchase for $2.00 per pack of 4.  You can choose from a variety of cards including, happy birthday, thank you, thinking of you, get well soon, tiger paw, and many more.

They are also available for cash purchase through this sign-up Order Form .

We look forward to seeing you again in our community!

Emily Hicks is an Intervention Specialist at
at Loveland High School

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