Symmes Township, Ohio – The Township Zoning Commission will meet on Wednesday, July 21st at 7 PM at the Safety Service Center to review a request for a zone change to allow the demolition of an existing strip retail building and renovation and expansion of an existing big-box retail building for a proposed car dealership at 9365 Fields Ertel Road. This meeting was continued from last month.

The Zoning Commission will review a major revision to an existing “E” Planned Residence district and a zone change from “OO” Planned Residence (with subservient office) to “EE” Planned Residence (with subservient retail) received by Randall Merrill, MSP, representing SSC Governors Plaza WM LLC, to demolish an existing strip retail building and renovate and expand an existing big box retail building to allow for a proposed car dealership use on the property, with associated parking lot modifications and access points onto Fields Ertel Road, Union Cemetery Road and Montgomery Road at 9365 Fields Ertel Road, located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Fields Ertel Road and Union Cemetery Road (Parcel #620-0190-0573/0574).  This hearing will be held via Zoom.  A link will be provided shortly.To view the plans please click here.


Automotive retail proposed for old JC Penney site

Below are photos of the outlet stores…


  1. Demolishing strip retail mails destroys the places where small businesses set up their stores. Dry cleaners, hobby shops, pet shops, electronics repair shops, small restaurants, hair salons all open their doors in strip malls. The mega malls come and go and leave their big hulking buildings that are hard to lease or sell. Strip malls and their small shop owners survive and offer products and services that Amazon and Carvana cannot compete with. If anything should be demolished, it is that old J.C. Pennys building, formerly a Walmart, and zone it for retail, offices, apartments. These buildings will attract people who offer services and will employ people who will shop at the other retail stores in the area. Yet another mega auto dealership will employ a handful of people and their customers will probably only shop at the other nearby dealerships. Symmes Township Trustees please do not simply rubber stamp this proposal.

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