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by Mihalea Manova

Loveland, Ohio – On February 16, 2020, Loveland’s Unicef Club hosted a collaborative event with the Loveland’s Men’s Basketball team. The “Blue-Out” happened during the game with Withrow, with many being there to support and advocate for Unicef’s cause. To bring attention to children’s rights and fundraise for polio vaccines, attendees raised awareness by wearing blue while members sold chocolate-covered pretzels.

“We are very excited to partner with our boys’ basketball team and connect with our community by blending a love for sport and a love for helping children,” says Loveland Unicef vice-president Mia Forte. “Our goal is not only to fundraise but to advocate for the eradication of polio in countries where it affects children today.”

Specifically, Unicef stands for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. With this in mind, Loveland High School is host to its first-ever club with around 15-20 active members. During the night, a booth was set up with an arrangement of various chocolate covered pretzels: milk, white, and even marbled blue and white chocolate. On the sides of the booth were two tri-fold posters that told facts about the club and the main cause of the night: the eradication of polio.

Polio is an epidemic that affects primarily children under the age of 5 years old. The effects from the disease include flu-like symptoms to total paralysis within a few hours. In most countries, this disease is on its way to becoming eradicated due to Unicef’s constant contributions with polio vaccinations (also administered by doctors within the organization). “Unicef manages the procurement and distribution of 1 billion doses of polio vaccines each year.” says the official website.

With the selling of pretzels and collaborative work between attendees, the Loveland Unicef club achieved fundraising enough money for 215 polio vaccines as well as spreading awareness of their goal.

Loveland Unicef commenced in the start of 2019 and is a club that is dedicated to helping children on a local and global level. Its main goals are to advocate, fundraise, and partake in building our community to become aware of the disadvantages that children may have. With this club, they have managed to raise around $500 with various in-school fundraisers including their hot chocolate sale, ice coffee sale, and Trick-or-Treat with Unicef. Alongside building a collective of passionate individuals, Loveland Unicef operates a website and Instagram sharing their triumphs and continuing advocacy.

 Unicef helps children in 160 countries to help with their supply of basic needs and in the preservation of their health. To donate, visit unicefusa.org.


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