by Terri Rogers

Terri Rogers is the Executive Director of The Loveland Initiative 

LHS Senior Service Members planned and organize a toy drive for the Loveland Initiative Christmas Toy Store Program. Sam Greenerg, Olivia Von Deylen, and Anna Svitkovich. are the leaders that worked with their teacher advisors, Catherine Belknap, and Kristin Scherman for a successful event. The entire group of Senior Service Members and student body raised funds and collected toys and gifts.

“The goal of the Senior Service Members is to serve and learn the true meaning of empathy while seeing their community from a different perspective.”

On December 19, the program served well over 250 children. This would not have happened if not for all of YOU our wonderful and generous supporters. The Tracy Johnson Scholarship awards one thousand five hundred dollars to a student with financial need in Loveland.

We are SO PROUD of our AWESOME community we live in. Loveland is very generous by providing support to underserved families, with amazing toys for children. What joy it is for these families to go shopping and pick out toys they want to give. Our families look forward to this and as one mom said while shopping, “This program is a blessing.”

Leaving with those bags of gifts for their children they love is a blessing. You can tell by looking at their faces. They are so proud of what they have chosen for their children. What a gift this community gives them! Encouraging them to make choices and get nice things for the ones they love. Priceless! The toys they choose from are endless, all donated and collected each year for these families to pick from.

The Senior Service Members succeeded their goal by supporting the Loveland Initiative mission which is to provide educational support and assistance to underserved children and their families. A VERY HUGE thank you to ALL LHS Senior Service Members, Teacher Advisors and the entire student body for helping us make Loveland children’s Christmas brighter.

I am so grateful to be a part of this giving and caring community. Thank you all for everything you do for the families in the Loveland community! We look forward to a continuing partnership with you.

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