Loveland, Ohio – An award-winning illustrator and author of children’s books from Terrace Park, visited the Loveland Primary School on March 2, to tell students how he writes and illustrates his famous children’s books.

After talking to the large assembly in the gymnasium, Will Hillenbrand spent a class period in Ms. Miller’s first-grade classroom for some one-on-one time where the children could learn more about Hillenbrand and the creative mind behind his books.

First-grader, Ansley said, “It was really fun.”

The children used the time to write notes about the author to use for writing their own story and showed Hillenbrand how they are taught in the classroom to write stories.

The class will take those notes to the office of Loveland Magazine later this month to collaborate on a story about Hillenbrand. Their story will then be published in Loveland Magazine.

Hillenbrand’s published works include over 65 books for young readers, many of those books were already on the shelves of Ms. Miller’s classroom.

First-grader Wills said, “I learned how to draw books.

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