There are no reported cases in the Tri-State

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland Magazine reached out to local officials this morning asking them how they are preparing for a possible local outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We asked the Loveland City Manager, the School Superintendant, the Loveland/Symmes Fire Department Chief, and the Loveland Police Chief, what are local leaders are doing to prepare for a possible Coronavirus outbreak. We also asked, “What would you like to say to the public to assure them that plans are in effect or being made and are you recommending any action the public should take now?

It appears that there is no coordinated response or planning however here is what we know at this time.

Fire Chief Otto Huber was the first to respond

As you know Loveland and  Symmes have PODS “Points of Distributions “ for the health department. We are one of the only drive thru PODS in the County. We recently ran a drill at Loveland High School with the Health Commissioner to practice the plan. So measures are in place, plans have been written and practiced should their be a need to distribute medications.

Our 911 operators are screening callers with flu like symptoms and their travel history. They pass that information on to the paramedics.

We are briefed by the health commissioner and by the CDC weekly.

The public should practice the standard flu season precautions like wash your hands frequently and coughing into your sleeve. If they intend to travel they should follow the Center for Disease Control recommendations.

Our emergency operations center remains at a ready state to manage this or any emergency that may present itself. We ask our residents  to stay informed through good information sources like the CDC and the World Health Organization.
City Manager Dave Kennedy responded:
At this point I’m working with Julie (HR Director) to prepare valuable links to put on our website. We are looking for links that are accurate and regularly updated.
This afternoon Kennedy released this information on the City Web Site:

Coronavirus Update and Information Links

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) considers the current spread of COVID-19 a serious situation and is taking preparedness measures to slow the progression of the virus. And while the immediate risk to the American public is still currently low, the outbreak of the virus is rapidly changing. Mayor and Council feel that it is important that our residents have the most up to date information on the Coronavirus readily available.

At 4 PM the School District responded:

Loveland Schools have ongoing plans to mitigate situations involving contagious diseases, including following the guidance of state and local health departments, and:

  • Closely monitoring, planning and implementing action items as needed. We work very closely with the Safety Center professionals as part of our planning.
  • We encourage parents to reinforce good hand washing, proper coughing etiquette (cough into sleeve/elbow or tissues), and keeping students home who have flu symptoms (fever, muscle aches, cough, lethargy, etc.)
  • Reminding parents that it is very important to keep contact information up-to-date so that students can be sent home quickly if they are showing symptoms.
  • Ongoing training for custodial staff to make sure they stay current on disinfecting procedures that are most effective for the current viruses.
  • Reviewing contingency plans in the event of a school closure and the plans used in 2009 for the H1N1 virus.

In addition, parents and students are encouraged to keep their immune systems strong by:

  • Not skipping breakfast; making sure you eat food high in vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Exercise, especially outdoor and in the fresh air.
  • For drainage and sore throat, gargle with warm salt water several times a day.
  • Drinking warm teas and liquids with honey to help flush out bacteria and soothing the throat.
  • Avoiding close contact with sick persons.
  • Keep hands away from T-zone (mouth, eyes, nose).
  • Stay home when sick; cover coughs and sneezes and disinfect high touch objects and surfaces.
  • Seek medical care if showing symptoms, especially fever, cough or difficulty breathing.

In response to our inquiry the District said they have now published the March 2020 Health Beat newsletter by the District’s Health Services on the School website. It can be viewed HERE.

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