Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is reporting, “TikTok trends come and go, but being aware of them can help keep kids safe.” Below is a Facebook post they published on Tuesday.

We encourage you to talk to your children about the dangers of this trend. Ask them if they are taking supplements, read the labels, and make sure they are following the product instructions, instead of what they might have seen on TikTok.

One circulating potentially dangerous trend that our Drug & Poison Information Center wants you to know about is called dry scooping. It involves eating protein powder or another pre-workout supplement directly from its container, without mixing it with water.

This trend presents a choking risk with trying to ingest powder without liquids, and some of these supplements also contain a high amount of caffeine. When consumed in excess or too rapidly, caffeine can cause jitters, upset stomach, sleep problems, and increased heart rate.

There have even been reports of heart attacks related to dry scooping.

Contact the Drug and Poison Information Center

Contact the Drug and Poison Information Center to speak with our call center.

When calling 1-800-222-1222, you will be automatically connected to the appropriate poison control center for your region. This way you won’t have to learn a new 800 number if you move.

The Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center can be reached through a local telephone number at 513-636-5111.

The Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is a 24-hour emergency and information telephone service for anyone with concerns about poison or drugs. 

The center’s specially trained staff of pharmacists, pharmacologists and nurses and drug / poison information assistants answer questions about poisonings, drug abuse, product contents, substance identification, interactions and adverse reactions.

The Drug and Poison Information Center also works to provide you with important prevention information, educational materials, first-aid information, common household hazards and references to national helpline organizations and agencies. 

The phone number for the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center is 513-636-5111. You may also call a national hotline, 1-800-222-1222, and you will be connected to the center that serves your area.

The center also offers contract services to businesses looking for pharmacovigilance and safety surveillance for post-marketing and clinical trials.


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