Loveland, Ohio – Loveland Magazine was live last night, and the only local media outlet to cover the Loveland Council meeting. Before City business was discussed, Mayor Fitzgerald read a statement accusing Councilmember Rob Weisgerber of condoning violence towards Councilmember Pam Gross. Weisgerber tried to respond, but the meeting was abruptly adjourned and the microphone turned off, with votes by Fitzgerald, Gross, Angie Settell, and Steve Zamagias.

Weisgerber, Kathy Bailey, and Ted Phelps voted to continue the business meeting.

The result was also that residents who say they had hard hitting statements they wanted to make during the open forum, were also not heard last night.

Bailey, who voted against the adjournment said afterward that she believed the adjournment was rehearsed and scripted by those who voted for it. You can see her interview at the end of the live-stream. Fitzgerald, Gross, Settell, and Zamagias had left the meeting room, so were not available for any rebuttal to Bailey’s allegation of a scripted shut-down of the meeting.

The live-stream continued to run after the “majority” council members had left the room, and you can watch as Weisgerber addresses the audience and the charges made about him by the Mayor.

You can go to the end of the live-stream to see the interview with Bailey.

Here is the social media post that Fitzgerald said was left on Weisgerber’s Facebook page and therefore condones violence towards Gross:

Rob Weisgerber

June 21 at 9:50pm ·

To all my friends out there and especially for those who have spoken out against Mark Fitzgerald and Pam Gross on Loveland City Council. Pam Gross today submitted 9 separate public documents requests for all emails and documents between me and a host of private citizens. The magnitude of the list of names is very disturbing. She had also made the same request of Ted Phelps and Kathy Bailey included in those 9 requests.

I will be clear that her request looks to be so broad and ill defined that no one can respond. Legal council now has to be involved to resolve. Pam is costing you the residents of Loveland by wasting your tax dollars on petty requests.

The depth Pam Gross is willing to stoop to for her campaign is embarrassing

(Name Redacted by Loveland Magazine) You dont have to give her anything. Thats a violation. Does she have a subpeona? She can request all day long. Lol who does she think she is? Trying to pull another fast one with intimidation. She nerds a good old fashion loveland ass kicking 80s style lol.

Bailey said there was important City business on the Council agenda last night. In protest, some members of the audience crumpled or ripped in half, the meeting agenda.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Loveland Magazine sent an email this morning to the Councilmembers who voted to shut down the meeting asking for their response regarding Kathy Bailey’s accusation last night that the abrupt closing down of the council meeting was pre-planned.

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  1. And the mayor quoting Abraham Lincoln. Give us a break, Mark. Next Weisgerber will be quoting Nietzsche on ethics. All these guys are fast talking, self serving, and occasionally down right liars, when it suits their personal and political agendas . Loveland voters threw the bums out only to get a new set. I bet all those Lovelandites had high hopes for the new city manager, but he just sits there (along with the city solicitor) and let’s those quasi legal actions take place. Give it three election cycles and maybe, just maybe, some sane folks will be sitting up there. And that doesn’t mean that whack job Osborne either.

  2. There are third world dictators with more open political processes than Fitzgerald allows. I will turn off the Jerry Springer Show and start attending Loveland City Council meetings for my weekly dose of low-brow entertainment.

  3. So what is the message here? Is the message Mayor Mark Fitzgerald and his majority will not conduct any city business until they get their way? They get to speak and not have any rebuttal? Nice.

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