New attorney general will prosecute foreign sports officials but not criminal bankers in her own backyard

June 7, 2015 2:00AM ET

[quote_left]Wall Street’s greed-driven destruction of the global financial system in 2008 led to at least 10,000 additional suicides across 54 countries from 2008 to 2010[/quote_left]The U.S.-led investigation of top FIFA officials is commendable for its decisive action to punish blatant corruption. But it should also disgust. Far worse crimes occur every day in the financial sector, but the Department of Justice, while obviously aware of them, has done too little. FIFA doesn’t come close to Wall Street in terms of havoc wreaked upon the public.

FIFA’s bribery and corruption are certainly significant to soccer fans, and the harsh treatment of workers building their stadiums is deadly to those workers and their families. But the financial crisis affected every single person alive. Millions of people lost homes, their savings and their jobs and drowned in debt. Thousands of people around the world committed suicide at abnormal rates in the years following the financial crisis. Bankers did not murder these people. But their drastic actions were a direct result of financiers’ reckless behavior on the market.

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