by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – On Monday evening, Assistant City Manager Cory Wright requested that the Planning and Zoning Commission require a sidewalk and landscaping along Loveland Madeira Road and that a site plan be submitted before conditional use be granted to convert the now-closed Johnny’s Car Wash into a micro-brewery and tap room. Another appearance before the Commission would be required for the site review to discuss landscaping, sidewalks, and how exactly the car wash buildings will be repurposed. The proposed use of the current two buildings on the site is to use the self-service bays for the taproom and tavern and the building that contained the automated full-service wash to become the microbrewery.

The representative for the applicant said that sites in two other cities, one being Milford, were considered in a more than year-long process before choosing Loveland. Justin Conger, President and CEO of the Conger Construction Group out of Lebanon spoke on behalf of the applicant, Dana Depenbrock. Conger said he first approached City Manager Dave Kennedy, “Probably seven months ago” to discuss the feasibility of what they would propose.

There will be insulated overhead glass garage doors installed on some of the self-service bays facing Loveland Madeira Road.

Conger said that as he explored the re-use idea he discovered a similar adaption of a car wash in northern Ohio. “I think it’s a neat idea.” He added that outdoor seating is planned.

Conger said that because of the topography and grade of the site that retaining walls might be needed if they were required to install the sidewalk, “Might be a tough thing to do.” He said it may not be an easy feat and may even be cost-prohibitive.

Resident Kim Lukens addressed the Commission from the podium and said she wanted to talk about “values”. She said, “The City, the community, and visitors all have values that impact our decisions; where money is used, where we go to relax, socialize, and travel.” She said she did not think Loveland needs more places to serve alcohol. She described the proposed use as only a place to drink beer since it won’t be serving food. Lukens asked, “How much more of this type of entertainment does Loveland need more of?” Lukens was the only resident that spoke at the public hearing.

Commissioner Rob Weisgerber said that the establishment could “spark” needed development on that side of town and draw people to other businesses along the Loveland Madeira Road corridor. “Businesses at large,” he said. He described the proposal as a possible “catalyst.”

Commissioner Andy Bateman agreed with Weisgerber and said it would be a “big benefit” to create a neighborhood “watering hole – so to speak”.

Commissioner Al Kressler said that the residents in the large nearby apartment complexes wouldn’t be burning gasoline or diesel fuel, but using sidewalks. “It’s going to be a local watering hole. It is what it is,” he said.

City Manager Kennedy suggested the City might share the cost of the sidewalk. He said, “I think that would be a nice gesture.”

Kressler moved to accept the conditional use with the added requirement that one of the existing driveway cuts be eliminated. The motion passed with all members voting, “Yes”.


The public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission on a conditional use permit for converting Johnny’s Car Wash on Loveland Madeira Road into a micro-brewery and tap room was rescheduled for Monday, August 8, at 7 PM.

Loveland Magazine made a public record request for the “Staff Report” that will tell readers more about the project.


A micro-brewery and tap room are being proposed for property along the Loveland Madeira Road leading out of Loveland. A “conditional use” application was submitted to the Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission on June 21 from DVDREAL, LCC. The existing zoning for the property according to the applicant is for “commercial” use. The applicant is Dana Depenbrock. The proposal is for the location of Johnny’s Car Wash at 1555 Loveland Madeira Road.

The application says, “By granting this conditional use we are ensuring the current old, outdated car wash will be converted into a community establishment where community members can congregate, laugh, and begin their journey into other parts of Loveland.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing for the proposal on Monday, August 8 at 7 PM in the council chambers at City Hall at 120 West Loveland Avenue.

Here is the link to Home (

Here is the “Staff Report” to the Commission written by Cory Wright the Assistant City Manager.

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