“Full of Cents” – Business news, but better

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland native Ricky Mulvey started reporting sports as an eighth-grade paid intern at Loveland Magazine. While at the newspaper he went on to do interviews and be a “Talking Head” at a Barack Obama campaign rally in Cincinnati, and a Joe Biden campaign rally in Milford. He did post-game reports and coach interviews at Loveland High School and kept readers abreast of the career of mixed-martial-artist, and National wrestling champion, Loveland’s Matt “The Hammer” Hamill.

Mulvey has since graduated from Ohio State and has recently teamed up with David English from Lexington, now a resident of Downtown Cincinnati, to co-host their “Full of Cents” podcast that can be found on the sidebar of Loveland Magazine. The Full of Cents tag line is, “Business news is boring. Let’s make it interesting, fun, and understandable.” There are new episodes streaming every Tuesday and Thursday. Mulvey and English cut through the headlines and talk about how business news affects you.

Ricky Mulvey is a stand-up comedian, radio producer, and a mid-range threat in any pick-up basketball game. Mulvey loves talking about saving money on tickets, business news, and how e-commerce changed inflation as we know it. He graduated with a finance degree from THE Ohio State University in 2018.

David English is a Kentucky Wildcat, soccer fanatic, and a credentialed financial professional. He loves spending time with his wife, Amy, and tweeting at people who will probably not interact with him back.


Loveland Magazine jumped at the chance to re-introduce Mulvey to our readers, introduce David English, and promote their podcast with a link where you can listen to Full of Cents right on our side-bar.

Columnist Cassie Mattia invited English and Mulvey to the LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV studio to ask them why podcasts have become so popular, why people should trust what they say, and how they are making financial news interesting and fun.

New episodes of Full of Cents stream every Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to subscribe and you’ll never miss an episode!

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