There is still time to apply for a Camp Canopy Scholarship! If you are attending Camp Canopy during Summer 2023, Warren Co SWCD wants to help you get there. Sponsorships are available to eligible high school students in the amount of $400 to cover the cost of camp attendance.

Have you ever wondered what types of trees are in Ohio’s forests? Or what kinds of relationships do organisms have with the forest? If so, Camp Canopy is the place to be!

The camp is held at Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum, located on Leesville Lake in the beautiful rolling hills of Carroll County, Ohio. Any student who has completed 8th grade through high school seniors graduating the year of camp are welcome to participate. Be prepared to obtain valuable forestry information, make many new friends and HAVE FUN!


If you are attending Camp Canopy in 2023, Warren Co SWCD wants to help you get there! Sponsorships are available in the amount of $400 for qualifying students with a desire to pursue a future career in natural resource management, agriculture, forestry, equine science, wildlife, geography, ecology, environmental science, or other related field of study. Payments are made directly to Camp Canopy upon registration.

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