Norwood, Ohio – Loveland resident Patty Horton-Sandmar filed protests over the nominating petitions to run for City Council of Pam Gross and Andy Bateman. Both candidates had already been certified to be on the Fall ballot, but Horton-Sandmar told the Hamilton County Board of Elections (BOE) this afternoon that the paperwork the pair submitted had fatal flaws because they did not follow the letter of the law..

At the BOE hearing today the Board overruled Horton-Sandmar’s protest in both cases.

Horton-Sandmar alleged that the address of one of Gross’ five nominating committee members was wrong. The address listed according to Horton-Sandmar was 274 Shadow Ct. and it should have been 274 Shadow Wood Ct. Gross said it was an innocent error because when she filled out the form she used the address she saw on the “Walking List” of registered voters, a spread sheet provided by the BOE. The BOE determined that if Gross had expanded the spread sheet “cell” she would have seen the entire correct address.

In the case of Bateman’s petition, Horton-Sandmar alleged that the candidate turned in 83 signatures of registered voters and that was eight more than allowed by the Ohio Revised Code and 33 more than allowed by the Loveland Charter.

In overruling the protests the BOE determined both petitions were in substantial compliance with election law.

Below are the protests Horton-Sandmar submitted to the BOE, and the response Gross submitted. Bateman did not file a written response however did explain his position at today’s hearing. Gross and Horton-Sandmar also testified today at the hearing.

The hearing was broadcast live on Loveland Magazine’s Facebook page. Go to the -21:40 minute mark to watch the agenda items of interest to Loveland voters.

Horton-Sandmayr Protest of Pam Gross Petition

Pam Gross response

Horton-Sandmayr Protest of Andrew Bateman Petition

This story was up-dated at 7:15 Am on 8/31/17

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