Northern Kentucky, Last night around 5 PM, CVG Airport Fire/Rescue personnel received a call that an inbound medical flight was diverting arrival from Lunken Airport to CVG due to the winter weather.

Given the diversion, there was a limited window of time to deliver an organ donation to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

CVG firefighter/EMT Jason Baumann responded to the call. Baumann braved the ongoing snowstorm and traffic and hopped in a CVG pickup truck with medical staff and the organ donation.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office had already issued a LEVEL 1 Snow Emergency.

With an assist from the City of Cincinnati Police Department on entering Ohio to navigate poor conditions, Baumann and his escorts successfully made it to Children’s with time to spare.

Below is the link to the Cincinnati Police dashcam video of the escort, and the last few moments of the delivery of the organ donation to the hospital door.


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