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by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Brady Burns said, “I wanted to help the people in the Goshen community because what they experienced had to be devastating.”

Connor Burns said, “I can’t imagine how scared these people must have been because the area looked like something out of a movie.”

Brady Burns added, ”The least we could do was help in any way possible.”

Connor Burns added, “Thanks to all of those who donated money, cleaning supplies, gift cards, and nonperishable food. We appreciate it as well as the people in the Goshen community.”

Immediately after Loveland High School Students Brady and Connor Burns hear that a tornado touched down in Goshen, Ohio, neighboring their hometown of Loveland, Tiger Country – the started a collection for families in Goshen, Warrior Country. They put it out to the Loveland community that they would have a relief drive. When they did they said, “Actually we have family who live there. One had the top of their roof come off.”

In the next few days, they had cash donations that totaled $1,000 which was used to buy gift cards, nonperishable food, and cleaning supplies. They also had a van load of items that was dropped off at their house.

Brady, an 11th grader has always been a straight-A student. He is on the Tiger tennis and bowling teams and a Manager for the cross country team. He participates in: SALT (Student Athletic Leadership Team), FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Young Life, and was just selected to be on the Ohio Advisory Safety Council.

Connor is just starting high school – 9th grade. He has also always been a straight-A student and was on the Tiger cross country and track teams Connor has a love for roller coasters.

Brady and Connor Burns (Provided Photo)

Below is the original appeal that Brady and Connor Burns sent out to the Loveland Tiger community:

Yesterday, a community close to us experienced a devastating tornado. Goshen has been declared a state of emergency. 

We have family that live in Goshen and luckily they are safe. 

We would love to have the neighborhood help the families of Goshen in this time of need. 

Please consider donating bottled water, nonperishable food items, gift cards, new blankets, new pillows, etc. 

Many of these families are displaced. 

We are providing our mom’s Venmo account if you are unable to go purchase items, but want to donate money. We will take the money to buy items needed for families.

Last week with the monetary donations they received, Brady and Connor Burns purchased these items for the community of Goshen, Ohio. The boys then had more money donated and purchased a lot of $25 Kroger gift cards for groceries and gas. (Provided Photo)

The young men delivered “a ton” of nonperishable food items to the collection point at Goshen High School. When they heard that gas gift cards were in need because people are using generators, they bought some.

They want people that responded to their appeal to know that the people who were volunteering at Goshen High School were so appreciative. “Seeing the devastation was heartbreaking. Thanks to everyone who donated. If any more money or items come to the house we will make another delivery.”

A previous story was published in Loveland Magazine in October 2021 about Brady Burns’ doing what needs doing!

Amy Switzer Burns wants to say “Thanks” for compassion project

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