Science students explore the world of genetics at Children’s Hospital thanks to an involved parent who has opened doors for learning

LIS Science Club Students Will Blaker and DeAngelo Williams at the Children’s Hospital Genetics Lab during the last field trip

Loveland, Ohio – His name is Dr. Bill Nichols, and eight years ago his son was in the Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) Science Club. Even though his son has long since graduated Loveland, Dr. Nichols continues to open doors for advanced learning opportunities for LIS students at Children’s Hospital – hosting the young scientists in the hospital’s genetics lab twice a year.

“It is a fantastic field trip for our students,” said LIS Science Teacher Steve Federman. “He has our students send in a DNA sample, and his staff analyzes their DNA. Dr. Nichols and his lab assistants provided a hands-on experience by working with students to isolate the DNA from wheat germ. It is an incredible amount of work for him, yet he has volunteered to do it each year. We appreciate Dr. Nichols so very much!”




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