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Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown

Loveland, Ohio – My trip down to the West Loveland Historic District continues in Part 2 of Did You Know?

Have a sweet tooth? Well look no further, located on the West End of the Historic District is the oldest ice cream creamery in Loveland! DID YOU KNOW Loveland Dairy Whip has been open since 1955? Helen Brennan started the ice cream phenomenon featuring her infamous Buy One Sundae, Get One Sundae Free special. In 1965, Brennan sold the ice cream drive-in to Polly Reagan. Current owner Teresa (Flint) Morgan began her ice cream journey at 11 years old when her parents Marian and Jim Flint bought the Dairy Whip in 1972. DID YOU KNOW Loveland Dairy Whip was known for its “Fifth Wheel Hamburgers” throughout the ‘70s? Though the ice cream creamery no longer serves food, the hamburgers used to be extremely popular! DID YOU KNOW Loveland Dairy Whip uses a soft serve supplier that has been
around since 1923? Dairymen’s, out of Cleveland, Ohio, has served Loveland Dairy Whip with high-quality vanilla, chocolate and twist soft serve mixes for over 60 years! Concoctions such as the Chocolate Mountain, the Peanut Butter Krusher, the E.T. Parfay, and the Caramel Apple Delight are just a few of the fan favorites at Loveland Dairy Whip. The ice creamery also offers Sundaes, Banana Boats, and Dip Top Cones.

Tonya Schaeffer, aLicensed Professional Clinical Counselor is a co-owner of Hope Restored Counseling Services. Read about their 10-year anniversary.

“Hope for Today. Change for Tomorrow,” that’s the motto of Hope Restored Counseling Services located at 600 West Loveland Avenue. DID YOU KNOW Hope has been in business since 2008? Hope offers individual, couples, group, parent and family counseling for children, teens, and adults who are dealing with issues such as, depression, anger, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, and spectrum disorders. DID YOU KNOW Hope has a team of counselors that, combined, have over 60 years of experience? Professional Clinical Counselor Tonya Schaeffer, Maggie Gehler, Elizabeth Greller, Beata Bartler, Justin Haake and Social Worker Dana Hurd have developed counseling strategies that help clients manage their emotions more effectively and enhance both their communication skills and coping skills. Hope has experienced a growing rate of success since they opened their doors in Loveland because of their unique way of instilling in each client that, according to the Hope Counselor’s, “They have the capacity for hope, choice and change.”

Karen Breed has invested hundreds of thousands of private dollars in the West Loveland Historic District

The West Loveland Historic District has a creative side that offers both residents and out-of-towners an opportunity to create something that is truly unique and memorable. DID YOU KNOW Loveland’s old post office was transformed into a quilting studio? Karen Breed, an expert quilter, combined both her quilting business and workshop into a 6,000-square foot building. Even though building renovations took 6 months Breed was able to finally open The Quilter’s Studio of Loveland & QSL Workshop to both beginner and expert quilters in 2016. Breed was formerly in two separate buildings at the corner of Wall Street and West Loveland Avenue that she lovingly renovated. DID YOU KNOW the studio has 3,000 bolts of fabric? Breed prides herself in offering the best quality and biggest selection of current fabrics, threads, patterns, books, notions, and supplies for quilters. The Quilter’s Studio and Workshop has clubs quilters can join such as, Batik Club, Machine Quilting Club, Applique Club, Paper Piecing Club, Bag Club, and Rulerwork Club, as well as classes and workshop’s where quilters can learn all the ins and outs of quilting including how to use the Gammill Longarm Quilting Machines. DID YOU KNOW The Quilter’s Studio of Loveland & QSL Workshop was nominated for 3 awards by the Loveland Chamber of Commerce? The quilting business was nominated for Business of the Year, Entertainment Business of the Year, and won the Beautification Award.

Yes, it’s true; Historic Loveland has its very own luxury salon! DID YOU KNOW the Frizzy Melon Salon offers everything from a Balayage color treatment to a Glow Perfecting Plant Peel? Owner Emmie Pahl, a licensed massage therapist, has presented a unique concept to the salon world; an upscale atmosphere with a down-to-earth attitude! DID YOU KNOW Frizzy Melon has been in business for 8 years, but just recently relocated in 2017 to the Loveland Historic District? The luxury Loveland salon is a team based salon, meaning every single member of the Frizzy Melon Salon is there to ensure every customer gets the best experience every time they visit. The salon offers several services for both men and women such as The Olaplex Treatment, Special Occasion Styling, The Dual Exfoliation Facial, Full Face Waxing and 30 to 90-minute Massages.

Image may contain: indoor
One of the quilts for sale at The Quilter’s Studio of Loveland

If you live or work in the Loveland Historic District neighborhood you are probably aware that the neighborhood is quite a convenient place, considering you can get all your errands done in a matter of minutes. If you take a short walk up the block you can drop off your dry cleaning at Schutte’s, discuss your finances with Jeffery Atkinson, a financial advisor with Edward Jones, schedule a check-up at Loveland Family Medicine or deposit money into your checking account at Union Savings Bank. DID YOU KNOW Union Savings Bank was founded in 1904? USB has been serving the Loveland community for years with one mission in mind, “a savings association should serve the community by encouraging savings and promoting affordable home ownership through prudent lending of deposits.” Union Savings Bank is another business in the District that has recently been quietly pouring thousands of private dollars in upgrades to both the interior and exterior of their building and grounds.

If you are interested in visiting any of these amazing local businesses on the West End of Downtown Historic Loveland please see the contact information for each business below.

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Loveland Dairy Whip, 513-683-0992, theldw.com, Loveland Dairy Whip on Facebook

Wildflower House, 513-677-9800, franhendrick.com, Fran Hendrick, PCC-coach, counselor, teacher on Facebook

Hope Restored Counseling Services, 513-683-4673, hoperestoredcounseling.com

The Quilter’s Studio of Loveland & The QSL Workshop, 513-683-1666 (Workshop), 513-683-3666 (Studio), quiltersstudioofloveland.com, Quilter’s Studio of Loveland & QSL Workshop on Facebook

Frizzy Melon Salon, 513-697-0307, frizzymelonsalon.com, Frizzy Melon Salon on Facebook

Schutte Dry Cleaning, 513-683-2161

Edward Jones-Financial Advisor: Jeffrey L. Atkinson, 513-697-6111, Edwardjones.com

Loveland Family Medicine TriHealth Physician Partner, 513-683-3020, trihealth.com

Union Savings Bank, 513-683-1531, usavingsbank.com

Columnist Cassia Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland

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