Facts About Loveland’s Infamous Businesses You Never Knew Until Now!

Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland

Loveland, OhioOur journey through Loveland’s Historic Downtown District  has come to an end with our final segment of DID YOU KNOW? (Read Part 1 & 2).

The narrow path leading to Historic Downtown’s, 5 Barrel Brew house.

Loveland is known for promoting businesses that have a story, whether it’s about family or in support of the community. DID YOU KNOW Loveland has its very own brewery right off the Little Miami Bike Trail? Narrow Path Brewing Company, located in a 60 year old building at 106 Karl Brown Way is a 5 Barrel Brew house that’s mission is to craft excellent beer while supporting Loveland as a community and other non-profit organizations. Narrow Path has a team of top notch, experienced brew masters who currently have 9 beers on tap with 3 additional experimental taps that the team created themselves from scratch! Some examples of their beers on tap are The Tire Patch IPA, Coconut Porter, Trail Chaser, River Hopper and their experimental tap Orange Vanilla Cream Ale. DID YOU KNOW a large portion of Narrow Path’s earnings go towards organizations that are working hard to affect change in the lives of people both locally and globally? Narrow Path held its First Annual Home Brew Competition on November 3rd that will benefited CancerFree Kids. Along with proceeds going towards one of their missions, “Cause,” they will also be achieving another one of their missions, “Community,” by brewing the winning beer in house.

The stairs to the The Crusader at The Works Pizza.

Who doesn’t love pizza? Loveland most certainly does being that its home to one of the most well-known pizza joints in Ohio. DID YOU KNOW The Works Pizza building was built in 1905 and was used as a water filling station for steam locomotives? A bit later in Loveland history The Works building was used as the firehouse and public works facility. Owners Scott and Jamie Gordon, who were both born and raised in Loveland, can remember visiting the facility in high school during Homecoming class float building activities. DID YOU KNOW The Works Pizza is home to an authentic 1921 Pullman Passenger car called “The Crusader?” The Works enables guests to book private parties on the passenger car that can now seat up to 36 people. The Works Pizza has a number of specials on their menu that guests from all over come to enjoy, such as The Breakfast Pizza, The Works Pizza, The Commish Pizza, The Pizza Fries, Calzones and The Works Burger.

Lyle’s Bikes, Brews & BBQ is another eatery right on the Loveland Bike Trail in Historic Downtown.
A restored Police call box has been added to the Firefighters Memorial along the bike trail.

As you venture down the Loveland Bike Trail you will find an assortment of restaurants that cover just about every type of food. In the past year there has been a new wave of bike trail restaurants that have opened their doors, one of them being Lyle’s Bikes, Brews & BBQ. DID YOU KNOW Lyle’s Bikes, Brews & BBQ was previously named Trailside Smokehouse? As of July 4th, Lyle and family renovated the property adding a few upgrades to the outdoor area, a brand new menu, featuring pulled pork and chicken fresh off the smoker, and of course a new line up of performers for their live music segments. Some of Lyle’s menu items include, The Pulled Pork Quesadilla, The Smokehouse Nachos, The Pulled Pork Chili, The Smoked Chicken Wrap and The Cuban Sandwich. DID YOU KNOW Lyle’s menu includes Dog Treats? Lyle’s BBQ is completely dog friendly! Lyle’s menu offers Fido’s Freezzys Dog Treats, which are frozen dog treats made with yogurt, peanut butter and banana. 

The newly renovated Firefighter’s Memorial is also along the Loveland Bike Trail.
DID YOU KNOW Loveland’s Firefighter Memorial includes a section of an I-beam from the North Tower of the World Trade Center that was positioned so that the rust would stain the pillar it sits on?
One of the new additions to the Firefighters Memorial is a restored fire call box.

All around Downtown Loveland there is history. From buildings from the 1900’s to memorials representing Loveland’s most loved individuals, the town does not fall short of historic scenery. DID YOU KNOW Loveland’s coveted Firefighter’s Memorial has been completely renovated over the last few months? In 1997 the Firefighter’s Memorial was built to represent the Loveland-Symmes Fire Firefighter’s commitment to “Never Forget.” Recently contractors along with volunteers have added stamped concrete walkways, new lighting, irrigation and landscaping. DID YOU KNOW Loveland’s Firefighter Memorial includes a section of an I-beam from the North Tower of the World Trade Center? Decorating the memorial is also, a time capsule vault that contains past LSFD’s badges and uniforms, copies of local newspapers and department documents from 1997. On top of the concrete vault is a bell from the Riverboat Reuben Springer, which served as the alarm for Loveland’s firefighters to respond to an emergency until 1934.

After the devastating Memorial Day Fire in Loveland, downtown has placed a strong focus on rebuilding those businesses that were affected. DID YOU KNOW the building that was most affected by the Loveland Fire is nearly completely renovated and ready to be opened as Paxton’s sister restaurant, Ramsey’s Trailside? Ramsey’s, named after William Ramsey who purchased 189 acres of land in 1848 that later became Loveland, will feature indoor, outdoor and rooftop dining as well as a vegan friendly menu. The goal of the brand-new restaurant will be to not only “unite carnivores and vegans,” but also give them healthier menu options. DID YOU KNOW Ramsey’s will have a separate grill dedicated just for vegans? Ramsey’s Trailside has not yet released their menu, but it’s sure to be hit with the new age foodies!

Read more about Ramsey’s Trailside and watch this interview with the owners.

  Relaxed atmosphere and friendly service welcomes you back time and time again! Located in the heart of the Historic Loveland District Just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.
Columnist Cassia Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland

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