Until last week, the Tender Towne carry-out under construction was surround by mature street trees.

Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

As we spend thousands of dollars to bury power lines in Historic Loveland to enhance the character of the area, the latest development along the Loveland-Madeira Road corridor, at the corner of Miamiview Drive, removed a dozen trees.

I can understand the removal of the two in front of the building as they were too close to the street, but why remove the line of medium size trees on each side of the property that provided a bit of nature, shade and bird habitat between what is a continuous expanse of blacktop for many blocks on both sides of Loveland-Madeira Road?

The trees, were removed after the building was up. They were not in the way of construction.

The addition of more trees would greatly enhance the character of the Loveland-Madeira corridor, as it does in front of the Primary and Elementary Schools.  I doubt we will be burying the power lines along this road anytime soon, but trees serve to make them less garish.

Roberta Paolo
Resident of Miamiview Drive



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