Written by Kelly Sheehy, Content Specialist, Downtown Main Library

With COVID-19 still keeping us all at a social distance for the time being, Teen Librarians from across our Library system put their heads together to help connect teens with college and career readiness resources as they graduate, move into summer employment, or think about college.

Teen Librarians Jacob Glemaker and Michelle Kanis, unable to meet with students in person due to the pandemic, compiled several lists of quick links and tutorial videos so teens can explore and get connected to useful information.

“We hope that teens from all over our Library system will learn about new digital resources like OhioMeansJobs in order to map out potential career paths, explore different career choices, and also look at local colleges that will help them achieve these goals of breaking int degree or certificate programs,” said Glemaker.  “John Lortie, Teen Librarian at the Anderson Branch, compiled a list of digital tours for colleges in Ohio. This is great for students who were thinking about physically touring a school, but could not because of the pandemic.  This way they are still able to learn about what options are available to them.”

Check out these helpful resources they compiled, with the assistance of Teen Librarians throughout the Library system:

Education Resources

Guide to Planning High School Courses  

College Resources 

Virtual College Visits

Ohio Technical Center Programs 

Community Resources

Career Resources 

Get Your First Job, presented by Teen Librarians Liz Weigand and Lauren Smallwood

8 Red Flags Employers See on Your Résumé 

Career Clusters

OhioMeansJobs Quick Links to Resources

Guide to Budgeting

Guide to Researching Occupations 

Guide to Résumés 

Job Readiness Guide  

Job Search Log  

Transferrable Skills Checklist