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Loveland, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Education recently announced the release of the annual school report card to provide communities across the state a picture of the progress by schools in raising achievement and preparing students for the future. In terms of value-added progress – data measuring academic growth and students’ gain in learning over time – Loveland now ranks 22ndout of 608 public school districts in Ohio. Two years ago, the district was ranked 433.

“This year’s report card shows an upward trend that we are extremely proud of,” said Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse. “We’ve been laser-focused on the areas where we’ve had opportunities to improve. The commitment and hard work by our staff in developing and implementing improvement plans over the past several years have paid off in a big way and our students have benefitted.”

For the second consecutive year, Ohio districts and schools received an overall letter grade, which is calculated using the result of six components: Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers, Graduation Rate and Prepared for Success. All Loveland schools, and the district as a whole, received an overall grade of either an “A” or a “B.” The performance index, a calculation that measures student performance specifically on state assessments in math and reading/English, improved from 99.5 to 101.1.

“The state report card can help show general trends – moving from a D-F range to an A-B range indicates improvement, while the opposite scenario draws attention to areas a school district must work on,” said Dr. Crouse. “Let’s not forget, however, that the report card and the metrics behind it are quite convoluted, evidenced by the accompanying 32-page guide to understanding it. We need to keep in mind that the report card is only one measure of accountability and based mainly on standardized tests – it is just

one snapshot of the very complex work we do. Our district is committed to continued high achievement and an exceptional educational experience for all our students, and that’s why the development of the Portrait of a Tiger is so important for our work going forward. In that regard, I believe there will always be room for improvement.”

To supplement the information in the state report card, Loveland Schools recently issued its Quality Profile (QP) for the 2018-19 school year. It includes accountability measures that define high-quality education beyond those captured by the state report card to provide a more complete information of the value the schools provide to the students, staff and the community. According to the District, the QP is supported by the Alliance for High Quality Education, an education consortium that works to improve educational opportunities for students and that represents member districts on matters of educational policy and funding.

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