Loveland, Ohio – Loveland School Superintendent Bradley Neavin has asked Loveland Magazine to send the below message to the community about a situation yesterday at the Loveland Middle School.

In a phone call, Neavin said, “The situation is being investigated. It is being handled. We’ve pulled our resources together, including our outside resources which include our resource officers and everybody is safe.”

LMS Safety Update

Tiger Family –

We wanted to update you on a situation involving Loveland Middle School. Yesterday, the school administration was informed of a safety concern involving one of our students. This situation was reported to the school administration and an investigation, involving school and central administration, student support personnel, and the school resource officer in collaboration with the Loveland City Police Department, was initiated.

In communication with the parents of the student, the situation was addressed and per the investigation, Loveland Middle School was determined to be safe.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and collaboration.

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