Miami Township, Ohio – Police Officer began wearing Axon “body worn cameras” on Monday, April 9th. The police department has been testing and preparing for the BWCs for over a year.

If interested in learning more, you can find the policy, FAQ and a video about the BWCs, at

Body Camera Presentation from MTTV: Miami Township TeleVision on Vimeo.


What is a Body Warn Camera (BWC)?

It is camera worn on the shirt of an officer that captures audio and video. Our officers will wear their cameras on their upper torso.

Why are officers wearing BWC’s?

• Enhance public trust, transparency and accountability • Reduce citizen complaints
• Decreases use of force
• Supplement supervisory oversight

• Improve the quality of evidence gathered • Added layer of safety for the officer.

Can I ask the officer to turn off the video camera?

You may request for the officer to stop recording; however, officers are not required to comply if they are investigating criminal activity or a violation of law.

Are the BWC’s recording constantly?

No, the camera must be activated for the camera to start recording. The cameras will only record law enforcement related contacts.

When will an officer activate a BWC?

Police officers will activate a BWC anytime they are responding to calls for service or engaged in any law enforcement- related encounter.

Are there places the officers cannot use BWC’s?

Yes, lockers rooms, dressing rooms or restrooms unless a criminal offense has occurred in these areas. Officers will attempt to take precautions to protect the dignity and privacy of all persons.

Can an officer have the BWC on while inside my home?

Yes, they are required as long as they are investigating criminal activity or a violation of law.

Can the officer tamper with the video?

No, the BWC system is specifically designed to prevent the user from altering or deleting any recordings.

How long are the videos retained?

All videos are retained for a minimum of 90 days and/or according to Miami Townships Record Retention Schedule after which all non-evidentiary videos are automatically purged.

Can the public view BWC video?

Videos that meet the definitions of public records under Ohio Law may be viewed. A public records request may be made to the Miami Township Police Department during normal business hours.

Does MTPD have a policy for BWC’s?

Yes, that policy is available for review at

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  1. Just curious. How does the use of body cameras by the police decrease “use of force”? Does the body camera hypnotize violent criminals?

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