by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Sir Harry Striber stopped in Historic Downtown Loveland last Saturday morning while walking the 2.5 miles to the Loveland Castle Museum where he gives guided tours.

“The Historic Loveland Castle & Museum Chateau Laroche was built as an expression and reminder of the simple strength and rugged grandeur of the mighty men who lived when Knighthood was in flower. It was their knightly zeal for honor, valor, and manly purity that lifted mankind out of the moral midnight of the dark ages and started it towards the gray dawn of human hope. Present human decadence proves a need for similar action. Already the ancient organization of Knights has been re-activated to save society. Any man of high ideas who wish to help save civilization is invited to become a member of the Knights of the Golden Trail, whose only vows are the Ten Commandments. Chateau Laroche is the World headquarters and Residence of the K.O.G.T.”

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