“Be responsible and not self-serving.”

Loveland, Ohio – On Tuesday, May 23, Tom Morris went to the Loveland Council meeting and asked Council to slow down the demolition of City Hall. He told council members that he moved to Loveland because it was a small town that cared more about its history and its people than its desire for growth and revenue.

Morris said that Loveland Station was a blight and the project was handled terribly from selling the land to changing the laws to appease a single developer. 

He also said that the community was now stuck with a cheap looking building and traffic problems.

Morris asks Council to slow the demolition of City Hall and have hearings on the project to see if the community actually wants the project to move forward. He said, “There is a suspicious lack of information about the project”

Morris said, “Instead of talking down to people, perhaps you should be explaining to us like the voting adults we are, why this is a project the City needs.”

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  1. When will the council meet to decide about a new city hall. I want to be there to oppose destroying the building.

  2. Please save our historic district and small town feel!! Develop out on Loveland Madeira if you must

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